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Grid-Tied Inverter
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Home Type HF series (Single MPPT)

·10 years warranty
·High frequency transformer isolation
·The highest effciency achieves 98%
·Wide input Voltage range
·Sealing stainless steel shell for indoor or outdoor installation

· 10 years warranty
· Sealing stainless steel shell, suitable for indoor or outdoor    installation
· High frequency transformer isolation
· The highest effciency achieves 98%
· Wide input Voltage range
· Adopt connectors type cable connection, Easy operation and installation
· Best tracking effciency with OptiTrac MPP control
· operating temperature range -25 ℃ to + 55℃
· High reliability due to complete protection function
· Anti-theft protection
· Plug-in grounding

HF series 1.5kw — 5.0kw


High frequency transformer isolation is the main feature of our production, which make Installation easier due to the reduced weight and higher conversion effciency because of omitting Low frequency transformer. The wide input voltage range from 180 to 600volt gives you extraordinary fexibility for you system design. Not need to set graphic display and RS485 communication system make the devices highly user-friendly.

This product can by multi-level parallel combination for 6kw to 20kw needed any power grade HF series technical parameter.

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