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The First Installation of Distributed Grid-Tied Power Generation System in Suzhou Community


Several Technicians of Sunrous New Energy Technology Co., Ltd came to Er Lang Xiang Community in March 30 to install 10kW Distributed PV Grid-Tied Power Generation Unit. Distributed Power Generation is one kind of power system which combines several little scale power generation unit, located around the power station or electricity grid, to realize rational and efficient use of scattered power. The key component of the demonstration system is PV Grid-Tied inverter, which is invented by Sunrous New Energy Technology company, and the performance of the inverter locates in the international advanced level.

The China State Grid company published a new policy in Oct. 2012, bringing new opportunities for new energy industry. The PV residential projects develop faster than before with the support of levels of local government. Compared with common energy, Distributed Grid-Tied Power Generation system has several advantages.

The first advantage is the improvement of energy efficiency. At the same time, users can control the system themselves with a little guide.


Because of the independence of power stations, the occurrence of large-scale power outages is avoided.

The second advantage of the system is that there is no pollution and no noises. The system has prominent environmental benefits.

The third advantage is that there is low consumption during electricity transmission and the distribution station is needless, which saves cost.

With higher output power characteristic during daytime, Distributed PV Grid-Tied Power Generation system can relieve the power shortage, but also the excess energy can be fed back to the main power grid, bringing economic benefits. It gives a new choice in use of clean energy to local residents and companies. Sunrous new energy technology company makes a positive exploration for the development of distributed grid-tied power generation systems.

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