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Sunrous HF series Photovoltaic(PV) Inverter Rated in the World-Class by Photon Lab

Sunrous HF series Photovoltaic(PV) Inverter Rated in the World-Class by Photon Lab It is reported that Sunrous GT3.0-ZX-01HF PV inverter has just been tested rigorously by Photon Lab with the results showing the overall performance is rated in the Grade-A class of isolation type inverter, and also it is the first one inverter globally with American Standard that passes the tests conducted by Photon Lab. This is another distinctive honor rewarded to Sunsours not long after he becomes the first domestic cascade-connected PV inverter vendor authenticated by American ETL institution.

Photon Lab is recognized one of the most well-known and respected authoritative independent test institutions in the global PV industry. Since the beginning of 2007, Photon Lab employs its own scientific test methodology with the help of the most advanced electronic instruments to carry out the PV inverter tests, and then publishes the test results regularly in PHOTON magazine, which will help the operators of PV system to select the right inverter devices. Currently most of the world’s famous PV vendors take the professional tests conducted by Photon Lab.
Each performance index of Sunsous HF serial products is higher than the world average number, including the 99.9% perfect maximum power track efficiency and wide range of track voltage. Sunrous employs the high frequency isolation technique to guarantee the safety of the connection to grid and flexible building with any type amorphous solar cells. The test results conducted by Photon Lab completely prove that the quality of Sunsous PV inverter products already stands in the world-class level, and this will help to quicken the pace of branding Sunrous internationally.

Before this milestone, HF serial products have been already authenticated by famous test institutions of Australia SAA, American ETL, Germany TUV, England G83/G59, etc. relying on their perfect performance indexes, and now have been integrated by global solar power generation systems with volume sales.

Believing in the entrepreneurial philosophy of “Green power serve for world”, Sunsous strives to become one of the top PV inverter vendors in the world.


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