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About us

Sunrous New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is a new hi-tech enterprise that sets research and development, manufacture, sales organic whole. We mainly focus on research and development, design, product the solar power wind energy source inverters, multifunction power inverter and renewable energy sources relative products, and offers related technical services. Company is located in Suzhou industrial development area in Jiangsu.
Company is located in Suzhou Industrial development area in Jiangsu. Sunrous New Energy has modenised standard production base, complete production equipment and strong production capacity.
Our motive power from technological innovation and reputation, keep a footh old on new energy filed, becom e the global power professional maker, more effcient, cleaner, more entirety to satisfy the demand for the user.

  • ·10 years warranty
    ·High frequency transformer isolation
    ·The highest effciency achieves 98%
    ·Wide input Voltage range
    ·Sealing stainless steel shell for indoor or outdoor installation

  • ·Optimal MPPT auto-tracing technology
    ·Wide range MPPT, convenient for module confguration
    ·Effective IGBT module
    ·Small concentrated grid inverter Adopt tri-level inverter topological structure

  • ·Grid-Tied and Off-Grid modes
    ·Dual MPPT
    ·More flexible system configuration
    ·Broader range of applications

  • ·Family and commercial power station wired or wireless monitoring
    ·LAN and WAN monitoring organic combination
    ·Single or multiple inverter operation status monitoring
    ·All-weather remote real-time monitoring

PV System Application Specialist